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Rudy Beverage, Inc. (RUNU) is focused on providing cost competitive waste services. The company is committed to surpassing each of their customers’ expectations by paying special attention to each specific need. The management team leading Budget Waste has extensive experience and has the company positioned as one of the largest roll-off waste haulers in the Calgary market. Budget Waste’s services include an all-encompassing temporary container service, which is a key need for construction and remodeling projects, estate clean-ups, demolition jobs, special events and other short-term activities. In order to best fit the purpose and extent of each job, the Company includes rolloff containers in a variety of sizes. Because Budget Waste is a one-stop-site solution, clients benefit from having centralized customer service and single, centralized invoices that substantially decrease paperwork as well as administrative issues. Areas currently being serviced by the Company include the Municipality District of Rockyview, which includes numerous smaller municipalities; and the Kananaskis Improvement District, which includes the towns of Cochrane, Chestemere, Crossfield, and Irricana.



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3/11/2008 1:08:28 AM

Rudy Nutrition (RUNU.PK) Establishes Agreements Aimed for Success Rudy Nutrition has formed strategic relationships with the Canteen Franchise Group and Vistar Corp. to promote its “new age” beverage line created by Daniel “Rudy” Reuttiger. The company has also secured distribution and sales in all 50 states, overcoming one of the biggest hurdles for start-up companies. According to the company’s Web site, utilizing Canteen’s presence as the only national vending operating company in the U.S., Rudy Nutrition will have the largest sales force in the nation. Canteen operates 150 branches, 18,500 client sites, and serves more than five million customers each day. The company has accumulated corporate customers such as NASCAR, Google, Southwest Airlines, Bank of America, Home Depot and more. Rudy Nutrition expects Canteen to place the “Rudy” drink line in its various vending machines and vending sites. Vistar’s operations are divided into two businesses focused on different sub-segments in the food industry. Vistar Specialty Markets is a leading specialty food distributor in the U.S., and is the only national distributor for vending, office coffee services, theatre and fund-raising markets. The company serves more than 33,000 customers such as Best Buy, Linens and Things, Staples, and Barnes & Noble in 50 states. With its 36 distribution centers across the nation, Rudy Nutrition expects Vistar to catapult it into the forefront of the beverage market. Please see disclaimer on website




3/11/2008 1:08:45 AM

Rudy Nutrition (RUNU.PK) Anticipates $10 Million in Sales in Three Years After reaching his goals on the Notre Dame University football field, Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger still maintains his “Dream Big! Never Quit” attitude through his creation of Rudy Nutrition (Pink Sheets: RUNU). Blue Fuel, Fruit Punch Blast, Citrus Slam and Orange Lift comprise the “Rudy” line of “new age beverages” packed with vitamins, electrolytes, carbohydrates and xylitol. For the last three years, Rudy Nutrition has worked to improve its bottling, labeling and advertising means. It has also established agreements with services company Vistar, and the Canteen Franchise Group to magnify its distribution and sales force. Utilizing its agreements with Canteen and Vistar, Rudy Nutrition has selected franchisees in the San Diego, Las Vegas and Minnesota markets to test its line of beverages. According to the company’s Web site, Rudy Nutrition anticipates sales of $10 million within three years. The company has secured sales and distribution agreements in all 50 states and has successfully conducted a cross-country taste test for the new beverages. “The drink ‘Rudy’ is ready to stand the test with consumers and will undoubtedly like Rudy reach the goal of becoming the most recognized success story in the beverage industry. It’s the little guy rising to the top all over again,” the company states. Please see disclaimer on website




3/12/2008 1:50:35 AM

Rudy Nutrition, Inc. (RUNU.PK) Announces Partnership with Canteen Franchise Group Rudy Nutrition, Inc., based in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a manufacturer of health conscious “Rudy” branded products. The products, named after the company’s founder, Notre Dame Sports legend Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger, offer a great taste and a healthy choice for parents, kids, athletes, and active people. The company announced today a partnership with Canteen Franchise Group, the largest national vending operating company, to market and distribute Rudy Nutrition’s healthier alternative sport drink and “Rudy” branded products. Canteen operates 150 branches and 18,500 client sites, with an excess of US $500M in annual revenues. This initial introduction into their national vending network has integrated Rudy Beverages into Southern California, Nevada, and Minnesota markets. Introduction to more than 100 additional Canteen franchisee operations centers is expected within the next 45 days. According to Rocky Brandonisio, president of Rudy Nutrition, Inc., test market studies have indicated very strong growth potential for Rudy branded products. The Rudy brand is highly recognizable and provides consumers with the opportunity to make healthier choices. Brandonisio also stated that the Canteen Franchise Group is well positioned in the beverage industry with a strong and well established client base. The company has great expectations in working with Canteen. Please see disclaimer on website




3/13/2008 2:35:29 AM

Rudy Nutrition, Inc. (RUNU.PK) - A Story to Equal to the Movie In 1994, Tri Star Pictures released a movie named “Rudy” about Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger whose “Never Quit” attitude led him to attend and play football for the University of Notre Dame. What was so astounding about that feat was that Rudy didn’t fit the part. He was “too short”, he was “too small”, and he didn’t have the “strength” to compete at such a level as Notre Dame. Yet through sheer determination, will power and that never quit attitude, Daniel Reuttiger not only played for Notre Dame, he became an inspiration to millions. “Rudy - Rudy” was the chant for millions that had been told they “couldn’t do it”. After securing a solid future as a motivational speaker, and businessman, “Rudy” had a dream of making a healthier America by offering healthier foods which could help fight obesity and lesson the effects of diseases such as diabetes. To this end, Rudy Beverage, Inc. was incorporated in Nevada in November 2005 with the goal to develop and sell health conscious beverages as an alternative to sugar laden sodas and sports drinks. Utilizing special formulas and ingredients, the beverage was fortified to be a body builder, complete with vitamins and electrolytes the body craves during exertion. Yet just as in the movie about Rudy the football player, Rudy the sports nutrition company faced obstacles too. There was major competition. There were certain missteps by a large, yet not completely focused advertising agency. There were misguided marketing attempts. In every sense of the word, Rudy the nutrition drink struggled as did Rudy the football player. Yet also in similar fashion, Rudy the sports drink has faced the obstacles and has overcome. Everything from management, to marketing, to packaging was re-examined, re-thought out, recreated, and improved upon. The bottles were changed, the labels were changed, the product range was changed, the production facility was changed. In each category, the underlying product was made better. How much better? In taste comparisons, Rudy test marketed the product in select markets; Boston, Buffalo, St. Louis, Hartford and Colorado Springs among other cities. In several blind taste tests, Rudy outperformed Gatorade® and Powerade®, sometimes at an astounding 2 to 1 margin. They secured distribution contracts with two of the biggest vendors in the nation. They took on veteran management. They redesigned the marketing platform. They also showed the ability to increase net margins from repackaging and repositioning by 27%. Rudy the sports nutrition “Company” has shown the same true grit that Rudy the football player did on the College grid irons. In evaluating a company, one of the tests it has to pass is its ability to compete, and adapt. There has been no better example of sheer determination and adaptation than Rudy the “new age beverage” company. This one bears watching.Please see disclaimer on website




3/14/2008 12:31:11 AM

Rudy Nutrition, Inc. (RUNU.PK) Set to Launch Nationwide In the 3 years since it was founded, Rudy Nutrition, Inc. (RUNU.PK) has the infrastructure and focus that many more senior companies can only dream about. Rudy Nutrition has a leadership group that has the industry know-how to get the job done. The Advisory Board consists of a number of Beverage and Nutrition Industry experts and is led by Rear Admiral Delaney, a well-respected and decorated member of the US Navy. An interesting note is the Advisory Board and Management Team are not receiving any salary at this time, according to the company. This move by the senior members of Rudy Nutrition says quite a bit about their commitment to the company and their belief in the product. Rudy Nutrition is expected to see sales of $10 million within the next 3 years. With the agreements with Vistar and 6 other major distributorships in place, Rudy Nutrition has secured sales and distribution throughout the 50 states. On Tuesday, March 11, the company officially teamed up with Canteen Franchise Group to market and distribute the beverages into vending machines nationwide. This is definitely a solid base to get the product out to consumers. Oftentimes, new companies stumble when it comes to finding the right distribution channels for their product. This is a hurdle that Rudy Nutrition has successfully negotiated. The current Rudy product line focuses on the ‘new age beverages’ targeted to hydrate active consumers. The beverages currently come in four of the best selling flavors on the market today: Blue Fuel, Fruit Punch Blast, Citrus Slam, and Orange Lift. The Rudy branded formulations each have a high level of vitamins, electrolytes, carbohydrates and xylitol, while maintaining lower levels of sugar and salt content. In the future, beverages will not be the only focus. The company is also currently developing a power bar and other low calorie health snacks. For now, the focus is clear. The Rudy beverages have been market tested and refined. The distribution channel agreements are signed. And Rudy Nutrition looks ready to launch itself nationwide. Rudy Nutrition, Inc. was founded by Notre Dame sports legend Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger and is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company manufactures health conscious beverages and snacks for parents, kids, and athletes who all looking for great tasting alternatives.Please see disclaimer on website:




3/14/2008 12:31:25 AM

Rudy Nutrition, Inc. (RUNU.PK) Partners with a 3rd National Team Rudy Nutrition, Inc. (RUNU.PK) has now partnered with FOCUS 365 to get the word out about its healthier alternative sports drinks and “Rudy” branded products. FOCUS 365 will concentrate its team of sales representatives in pitching the Rudy brand in person, via telephone, and at industry conferences. Rudy Nutrition has already signed product distribution agreements with Vistar and Canteen Franchise Group. Having national distribution channels in place before the marketing effort by FOCUS 365 is key. Rudy Nutrition will be able to bring its products to consumers almost immediately, rather than experience the lag-time that most new companies face. Janette Carter, Managing Partner of FOCUS 365, commented, “Although we are only a two year old company, our entire team is thoroughly experienced and directly incented to dramatically improve on our nearly USD $20M in sales from 2007. With a uniquely healthy and easily recognizable product like Rudy Beverage, we are excited and confident in our ability to make 2008 the best year yet for both Rudy Nutrition and FOCUS 365.” At this point, FOCUS 365 has marketed Rudy Nutrition products to several institutions, including the US Navy Exchange and Google, who are both looking to provide employees with healthier selections at their facilities. FOCUS 365 will also market the products to other military branches, golf courses, ballparks, airlines, theaters, and colleges. The partnership with FOCUS 365 is anticipated to broaden the consumer base knowledge of the “Rudy” brand.Please see disclaimer on website




3/14/2008 12:32:57 AM

The Demand is There, and Rudy Nutrition, Inc. (RUNU.PK) will Meet It As we are often fond of suggesting, investing in smaller companies means doing some basic research. One of the most basic of the basics is the area of demand. Does anyone want what the company is proposing to produce and market? If that answer is elusive, one might be better off “moving along”. But in the case of Rudy Nutrition Inc, this is one area where we can be quite assured that the demand side of the equation is not an issue. Rudy Nutrition (trading under the symbol RUNU) “is focused on creating and distributing sports drinks that offer great taste and healthy alternative choices for parents, kids, athletes, and active people looking for something special,” as their web site defines them. They achieve this “something special” by offering beverages that exceed the current sports drinks in areas such as electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, lower calories and maybe most importantly, great taste. One might question whether great tasting nutritional drinks, while sounding splendid, can be considered a high demand item. Nothing could be more certain, and it’s been borne on the heels of the single greatest trend setting segment of our society…the baby boomers. The baby boomers shaped the current fads of the last 30 years, and as they are aging, they are constantly striving to retain their virility, their looks, their energy, and their youthfulness. In their zeal to remain as healthy as possible into their later years, they’ve stated their case with their most important asset: Their Money. In virtually every area of the health sector, we see growth in the grass roots approach towards healthier living. From exercising more, to eating less fats, to cosmetic procedures, the age group that’s spending the single most amount of money is the 50 to 70 year old segment. This has been most evident in the abandonment of high calorie sugar soda’s in favor of the myriad of bottled waters we now see marketed by the likes of such giant corporations as Coca Cola, Pepsi bottling, and Schweppes. In their quest to remain as fit as possible, for as long as possible, the consumer ideals have changed toward a much healthier lifestyle, and products such as Rudy’s sports drinks are a natural “fit” for the demand. Estimates vary, but according to experts in Sports Medicine, the area of sports nutritional beverages is growing at the rate of 18 to 24% per year. When you look at the size of the demographics involved, the numbers become mind boggling. This business is now being measured in the tens of billions of dollars that are being spent globally. The demand is there, and that’s one of our most basic requirements for an investing opportunity. With a truly global marketplace, and tens of billions of dollars being spent, one doesn’t need to worry that the company is operating in a confined market. The only constraint in this area is the company’s ability to deliver a great product, and Rudy’s nutritional beverages have done just that. Along with the better blends of vitamins, minerals, natural sweeteners, body replenishing electrolytes and less calories, Rudy’s drinks have outscored the “major names” in blind taste tests by margins as high as 2 to 1. Huge levels of demand, combined with a product that tastes great and delivers on the nutrients? There’s the basics of a truly winning combination, and that makes Rudy Nutrition an interesting opportunity for those looking to get involved with a growth story.Please see disclaimer on website




4/16/2008 2:24:09 PM

Rudy Nutrition Inc. (RUNU.PK) Teams Up with Collins Brothers to Gain National DistributionRudy Nutrition Inc. (RUNU.PK) announced that it has reached an agreement with Collins Brothers Inc. to distribute its health conscious beverages in liquor stores, bars and grocery stores nationwide. Collins Brothers is the largest seller of non-alcoholic beverages, supplying liquor departments throughout the United States. Collins Brothers was established in 1934 and has been run by the same family in its 74 years of existence. The company manufactures and distributes its own products, as well as imports and distributes products from India, China, Taiwan, Korea, and Italy. Some of its well known items include Angostura Drink Mixes, Collins Drink Mixes, V8, and Beef Jerky. The new relationship with Collins Brothers will tremendously increase the exposure of the Rudy brand beverages in the mainstream. Collins Brothers will begin placing the products in its current network of chains and family owned stores in Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Illinois. “Our intention is to attain prominent logo placement of Rudy Beverages in its coolers and on the shelves,” stated CEO and Chairman Howard Collins. “We are excited to be a part of the building stages of such a great product and look forward to potential increases in revenue due to increasing orders.” Special promotions are in the planning stages and are anticipated to be rolled out in the near future. Utilizing end caps and providing Rudy coolers to high traffic stores will introduce consumers who do not yet know about the health conscious beverages. A key city of focus will be Chicago, IL, which has the largest grossing territory of liquor stores in the United States. Please see disclaimer on website: