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QuoteMedia, Inc. (QMCI) is a leading data provider of financial stock market data, market news feeds, and related financial software solutions to financial service companies, online brokerages, clearing firms, banks and public corporations.

The Company’s diversity of technical expertise, its agile responsiveness to custom corporate requirements, and its proven commitment to superior delivery technologies have established QuoteMedia as a frontrunner in the financial market data industry.

QuoteMedia’s low cost data provision contracts, combined with other factors such as the Company’s uniquely streamlined, cost-effective and proprietary data delivery systems, provide healthy margins even at the wholesale level. Most of QuoteMedia’s competitors use outdated data delivery technologies based on legacy style data networks that incur more bandwidth, heavier server and network loads, higher server costs, and higher data delivery costs.

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2/27/2008 3:14:35 AM

QuoteMedia, Inc. (QMCI.OB) Wins Contract to Provide Streaming Portfolio Management Solutions to Zecco Trading

QuoteMedia, Inc. (QMCI.OB), a financial social networking community with access to free stock trading, announced a two-year agreement to provide streaming real-time portfolio management along with comprehensive financial market data and research information to Zecco Trading, a wholly owned subsidiary of Zecco Holdings.

Under this new partnership, QuoteMedia will provide streaming real-time portfolio management solutions, including the company’s newly launched Quotestream™ II, packaged with advanced charting technology, stock screening and in-depth market data, for Zecco Trading’s rapidly growing customer base. Zecco Holdings, one of the fastest growing online investing and trading communities online, was launched on October 9th, 2006 and received huge publicity for offering its clients free stock trading.

Under the terms of this agreement, QuoteMedia’s applications will provide Zecco Trading customers up-to-the-second market data and research information to assist them in identifying great investment opportunities. This partnership is a significant opportunity for QuoteMedia by exposing the company to rapid growth that Zecco Trading is experiencing with their innovative financial community and alternative online trading solutions.

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3/3/2008 7:52:43 PM

QuoteMedia, Inc. (QMCI.OB) - Expanding the Brand

QuoteMedia, Inc. (QMCI.OB), a financial networking community offering a host of real time market data and portfolio services, just announced a two-year agreement to provide streaming real-time data, portfolio management, along with historical financial market data and research to Zecco Trading, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zecco Holdings. Zecco is a fast growing online investing community that made lots of media waves by offering its clients free stock trading.

Under the terms of this agreement, QuoteMedia will be the provider of a wide array of market data, portfolio management, stock screening, and charting, for a period of two years, allowing Zecco clients access to the broadest collection of market information yet available. While this is indeed good news, it’s not impossible to imagine that some investors have missed the importance of this particular agreement.

Zecco has made quite a splash recently in the trading world, offering their clients free trading and getting a lion’s share of publicity over it. However, QuoteMedia reaps the benefits of two important items here. First is the monetary agreement between Zecco and QuoteMedia, and that’s what most investors will focus on. But one may beg to differ that this is actually the most important aspect of this pact. Certainly it’s nice to get paid, but because Zecco does generate such large media exposure over their unique business model, Quotemedia gets to ride the wave of media attention and marketing, without spending any money.

The aspect of growth is directly tied to the number of people that are exposed to your business. For lack of a better example, the old adage of “if they don’t know you exist, they can’t buy your product” comes to mind. With this particular agreement, Quotemedia will reap the benefit of having much wider market exposure, by simply delivering their products to Zecco’s clients.

Any time a company can get free publicity and exposure, while at the same time being compensated for providing its services, it is doing “something right” and QuoteMedia is doing it all right with this latest business pact. It’s not a stretch of the imagination to think that in virtually no time, many thousands more people will have been exposed to QuoteMedia’s wide array of products, and services, and this is what growth is all about. Exposure at Zecco will lead to more agreements, supply pacts and revenue from other financial institutions. It’s certainly good business and something to keep an eye on.

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3/24/2008 6:01:27 PM

QuoteMedia Inc. (QMCI.OB) Offers Plethora of Market Information and Solutions Accessible to Desktop, Handheld Devices and More QuoteMedia Inc. (OTCBB: QMCI) offers a variety of services designed to benefit its customers through a collaboration of financial data, news and research sources. The company has created a business model that harnesses, manages and delivers information regarding major U.S. exchanges, as well as those in Canada and Europe. QuoteMedia offers quote data for all major North American markets, including common stock, preferred stock, options and warrants, futures, commodities, currencies, mutual funds, ETS, rates and more. Historical data is available for all North American equities and international markets, mutual funds, options, futures and commodity exchanges. The company has taken the legwork out of research and analysis by offering one single source for an array of investment research, including fundamental and financial information, as well as research from the industry’s leading experts. QuoteMedia provides news and filings for North American equities, whether it is company based, topic based, sector based, or headlines and commentary from major press outlets and news services. Quotestream Professional is the company’s most advanced market data and technical analysis solution designed for Investment Professionals. Quotestream II, a comprehensive and cost effective real-time portfolio management tool, is one step up from the company’s original Quotestream. Finally, Quotestream wireless allows market data to be accessed through hand-held mobile devices. Please see disclaimer on QualityStocks.net website: http://Disclaimer.QualityStocks.net




3/29/2008 5:04:06 PM

QuoteMedia Inc.’s (QMCI.OB) Latest Financial Tool Offers the Most in Portfolio Management QuoteMedia Inc. (OTCBB: QMCI) develops and distributes financial market data and related services via the Internet, including streaming market data feeds, research and analysis, portfolio management, content applications, news services and more. The company’s latest streaming real-time portfolio management tool, Quotestream II, is an application targeted at non-professionals wishing to get a heads up in the market. The system’s java application was designed for banks, brokerage firms, and online portals wanting to offer their customers market data and full-featured portfolio management, including tick-by-tick market data with an extensive customizable interface. Quotestream II requires no software installation, and allows for complete access from anywhere in the world. It is also user friendly, displaying configurable layouts and screen displays. The system can be integrated into a company’s existing database structure or corporate Web site, allowing for a “brandable” streaming application. QuoteMedia’s latest product includes portfolio management for 1 to 52 symbols, and market information spanning both North American and international indices. It offers historical and intraday charting, and access to recent news and filings from news sources such as PR Newswire, Business Wire and more. Among many other features, Quotestream II displays real-time market movers for all North American Exchanges, filtered by top dollar, percent gainers and losers, or volume leaders.Please see disclaimer on QualityStocks.net website: http://Disclaimer.QualityStocks.net




4/28/2008 3:20:26 PM

QuoteMedia, Inc. (QMCI.OB) Delivers a Portal of Market Information in a Hand-Held Wireless Device QuoteMedia(OTCBB: QMCI) offers a variety of services designed to benefit clients with access to financial data, news and research sources. The company offers products for professional and individual investors to keep them on top of every aspect of market activity. Quotestream Wireless is a J2ME application, delivering comprehensive portfolio management and a variety of financial information and services such as NASDAQ level 2, market indices, intraday and historical charts, detailed quotes, company news, research and more. The platform features a portfolio management tool, allowing the user access to all their stocks, funds and options in real-time. Up to 10 portfolios or watchlists of up to 52 symbols can be monitored. The device also features historical charting, Level II data and intraday charting, historical charting, time and sales monitoring, detailed quotes, market indices information, portfolio news, market news, top news stories and headlines, foreign exchange monitoring abilities, symbol lookup, U.S. and Canadian data, market movers (actives, gainers and losers), portfolio editing, stock alerts and customizable settings. Please see disclaimer on QualityStocks.net website: http://Disclaimer.QualityStocks.net




5/9/2008 11:53:18 PM

QuoteMedia, Inc.’s (QMCI.OB) QuoteStream II™ Service is a Cut above the Rest QuoteMedia is arguably the most recognized name when it comes to streaming online market data. If you are an avid investor, chances are, you use the Internet to obtain crucial information regarding the status of your portfolio. QuoteMedia has officially launched the second installment of its popular QuoteStream™ platform, which provides investors with tick-by-tick market data at blistering speeds. While several improvements have been made to the system, QuoteStream II™ carries with it all of the functions that users have come to regard as the best in the business. An ingenious tool for webmasters, QuoteStream II™ offers unprecedented integration into the fiber of any new or existing site. Absolutely every aspect of the visitor’s experience can be carefully controlled by the account holder, from configurable page layouts, to command over content. For the individual, QuoteMedia continues to provide the web’s most intuitive interface available with snap quotes, historical and intraday charting, real-time news, filings, and much more. Seasoned investors will appreciate the Level 2 Market Depth, available for both domestic and international exchanges. All of this comes at an affordable price, for a service that literally pays for itself. QuoteMedia continues to lead the pack in terms of invaluable investor tools, and has outdone itself once again with the new-and-improved QuoteStream II™ portfolio management system. Please see disclaimer on QualityStocks.net website: http://Disclaimer.QualityStocks.net




5/17/2008 1:36:30 AM

QuoteMedia, Inc. (QMCI.OB) Announces First Quarter Results Today, QuoteMedia, Inc. (QMCI.OB) announced first quarter financial results for the period ending March 31, 2008. QuoteMedia is one of the leading providers of market information and financial applications. QuoteMedia announced $1,687,675 first quarter revenue, which is a 45 percent increase compared to the 2007 results of $1,160,700. This is the company’s 20th consecutive quarter of revenue growth. QuoteMedia continues to gain more market share with their line of financial products. At this time, the company provides data for over 70 exchanges located worldwide. Keith Guelpa, President of QuoteMedia, stated, “The significant revenue growth during the quarter resulted from increased sales of our Interactive Content and Data Applications as well as from increased subscriptions to our Quotestream products.” As forecasted, QuoteMedia did experience a loss of $354,919 in the first quarter, which is an improvement from the $372,085 reported in first quarter 2007. The company expects losses to continue in the short term, but the anticipated increase in revenue stream should overtake expenses in the near future. “Our improvement in gross margin rate to 58% compared to 56%, in the first quarter of 2007, reflects the stabilization of our fixed cost structures as revenues continue to increase. We expect our costs of revenue to continue to reduce as a percentage of revenues generated. We are very pleased with our progress to date, and we believe that we are on target to meet our near and long term objectives,” reflected Mr. Guelpa. In the first quarter of 2008, QuoteMedia took advantage of their positive momentum from 2007. QuoteMedia introduced Quotestream II to a limited market. Quotestream II is the company’s next generation portfolio management system that provides a professional level system to non-professional customers. To meet the needs of financial services professional, QuoteMedia began a limited release of Quotestream Professional during the first quarter. Mr. Guelpa commented, “We remain focused on our revenue growing strategies. Our plan of operation for the remainder of 2008 will center on marketing Quotestream II for deployments by brokerage firms to their clients, and moving strongly into the investment professional market with Quotestream Professional. We also plan to release additional international data sets and continue the market penetration of our Data Feed Services. We will continue to license our Quotestream Wireless applications and add new data content to expand our line of Interactive Content and Data Applications.” Please see disclaimer on QualityStocks.net website: http://Disclaimer.QualityStocks.net




5/30/2008 2:34:18 PM

QuoteMedia, Inc. (QMCI.OB) has Data Solutions for Financial Professionals QuoteMedia, Inc. (QMCI.OB), a lead provider of market data, provides a variety of content modules to assist consumers with stock information. The company currently has eight modules with a variety of applications that can be embedded and customized into a consumer’s personal web pages. For ease of installation, a single line of code is needed to integrate the module into a consumer’s existing data set. The “News and Headlines” module provides full access to press releases and premium news content. Users can select from hundreds of topics to target specific publicly traded companies or exchanges. The type of format the information can be viewed in varies from narrow or wide column, ticker-style, or vertical scrolling. The “Quotes and Charts” module provides users with market and research data on specified symbols. The available charts range from simple intraday or historical displays, as well as interactive technical charting applications. The charts available in this module can be standalone or interactive, while quotes can be displayed in a large or compact style. The “Market and Stock Research” module has 32 tools that allow the user to obtain in-depth research instruments. There are news, ratings, market movers, indices, historical performance, corporate actions, and earnings information applications. The Ticker-Market Movers application provides a user with a scrolling ticker consisting of the exchange in the top row, and a second row that is fully customizable with stocks or indices of a user’s choice. The Dynamic Market Movers application allows a user to select an exchange and choose between gainers and losers by percentage or dollar value, as well as by volume activity. The “Portfolio Management” module provides users with applications which deliver immediate access to market data to their desktop or Internet-ready cellular devices. The Web Portfolio Manager allows users to track holdings and analyze performance on all stocks, mutual funds, or indices listed on any of the North American exchanges. The Quotestream application allows consumers to monitor their portfolios in delayed or real-time. The “Mutual Funds” module provides fund market overviews, fund charting, comprehensive fund screening criteria, performance ratings, risk benchmark, and detailed fund quote data tools to users. The basic mutual fund application includes a set of data points, allowing for mutual fund research and screening, while the advanced module provides additional sector allocation data. The “Investor Relations” module allows the user to customize the manner in which stock quotes, charts, insider reports, historical reports, and company news are displayed. The IR Charts-Logo application allows a company logo to be imbedded into any chart, while the Quote Chart module provides an intraday chart and quote data into a small footprint. The “FOREX and Currencies” module allows users to monitor Foreign Exchange data, monitor customized watchlists, chart global currencies, and run currency conversions. The “XML Data Services” module provides comprehensive market data feeds in delayed, real-time, or end-of-day formats. QuoteMedia’s ultra-low latency XML delivery systems provide intraday snap information and end-of-day bulk information along with an array of research and press news. QuoteMedia’s assortment of content solution tools provide any broker, bank, or financial services professional with a wide array of applications to obtain information on stocks and funds. Not only can the tools be customized, but they can also easily be imbedded into any website. QuoteMedia has designed a broad array of tools to meet the needs of any financial professional. Please see disclaimer on QualityStocks.net website: http://Disclaimer.QualityStocks.net




6/6/2008 2:04:41 PM

QuoteMedia, Inc (QMCI.OB) - Business Heavyweights Laud Company’s Services QuoteMedia, Inc. (QMCI.OB) develops and distributes financial market data and related services by collecting, aggregating, and delivering delayed and real-time financial data content over the Internet. It offers several market information services, including streaming stock market data feeds, research and analysis, content applications, portfolio management systems, software products, news services, wireless applications, and other services. QuoteMedia offers data feed services for equities, options, futures, commodities, currencies, mutual funds, and indices, as well as interactive content and data applications, and many other bundled products. QuoteMedia’s clients include several well-known companies in finance, banking, information publishing, and technology industries, and their testimonials demonstrate that they are very impressed with the company’s services. Some examples are as follows. Forbes.com needs the best information for its high-end users. Mike Smith, VP and general manager of operations at Forbes.com stated, “We are committed to giving our readers the best possible products and technologies to assist them in achieving success in their investment strategies, and QuoteMedia’s innovative solutions have proven to be ideally suited to our needs and to those of our readers.” Microsoft needs a partner with a product compatible with the unique Microsoft requirements. Chris Hill, group product manager of Microsoft stated, “The power of the Windows Mobile platform is that it enables partners like Quotestream Wireless to take people beyond email and business productivity on their device to a complete experience for their work and personal lives. In the case of Quotestream, people can easily stay connected to critical financial information and stock market activity wherever they are.” Business Wire needs a partner to supply data to its customers. Cathy Baron Tamraz said, “With thousands of member companies and organizations depending on Business Wire to transmit their full-text news releases and multimedia content to journalists, financial professionals, investor services, and the general public worldwide, it is vital that we provide the best possible analytical market data content to our clients. We were impressed with the quality of QuoteMedia’s products, the depth of their market coverage, and particularly the level of support they provide.” Several other well-known businesses have had similar experiences where QuoteMedia exceeded expectations. QuoteMedia is a leader in providing financial data over the Internet, and has several well-known customers so impressed with its products, it can easily leverage these opinions into increased sales. Please see disclaimer on QualityStocks.net website: http://Disclaimer.QualityStocks.net




6/10/2008 2:56:03 AM

QuoteMedia, Inc (QMCI.OB) Will Exhibit at the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association’s Technology Management Conference QuoteMedia, Inc. (QMCI.OB) announced on Friday that it will participate as an exhibitor at the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association’s Technology Management Conference and Exhibit in New York, which takes place from June 10 through 12, 2008. QuoteMedia, Inc. develops and distributes financial market data and related services by collecting, aggregating, and delivering delayed and real-time financial data content through the Internet. It offers several market information services, including streaming stock market data feeds, research and analysis, content applications, portfolio management systems, software products, news services, wireless applications, and other services. The SIFMA’s Annual Technology Management Conference & Exhibit is the industry’spremier event, and is attended by over 7,000 people. At this event, QuoteMedia will present its products and services to the senior executives that manage several aspects of business information, including information systems and communications, data processing, market data, trading room support, web and Internet technology, and other related technology fields. QuoteMedia will demonstrate two main products: the newly launched Quotestream (TM) Professional streaming portfolio management system, together with its Quotestream (TM) Wireless companion product, both of which are designed for use by financial services professionals; and Quotestream(TM) II, designed to provide a professional level experience to non-professional users. QuoteMedia will also be available to meet with potential clients to discuss content solutions for Intranet and public facing websites as well as media/web portals. Sales and technical staff can discuss the company’s range of data feed solutions for businesses wanting to enhance their applications and systems with ultra-low latency, streaming quote data and supplementary feeds. Finally, technical staff will be available to talk to potential customers who are considering replacing existing legacy solutions with cost effective, state-of-the-art data services. The 7,000 people who attend this event could generate tremendous interest in QuoteMedia, Inc’s products and services. Please see disclaimer on QualityStocks.net website: http://Disclaimer.QualityStocks.net




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