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Axial Vector Energy Corp (AXVC.PK) is “One to Watch” Axial Vector Energy Corporation is a Portland-based company focused on developing and licensing innovative internal combustion engine and electric power generator technologies for use in automotive, power generation, appliance, and military applications. By employing its patent-pending “axial flux” engine and generator set (GENSET) technologies, the company is able to produce highly efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally sensitive multi-fuel engines and motors that are scalable and adaptable for both mobile and fixed-location settings. Axial Vector Energy plans to use its flagship technology, Axial Vector Engine, to serve as the core of the company’s initial market applications. The revolutionary engine is unique for its ability to produce significantly higher horsepower and torque with considerably lower fuel consumption than similarly sized conventional engines. According to the company, the Axial Vector Engine is also less costly to manufacture and operate, while providing significant environmental advantages over standard internal combustion engines. The company has also developed a new line of high-power “Axial Flux” coreless electric generators that achieve 98.5% efficiency in converting mechanical to electric energy. Axial Vector Energy’s Axial Vector Engine can be seamlessly implemented with two 100 kW Axial Flux generators to create a 200 kW generator set, which is anticipated to become Axial Vector Energy’s first commercially marketed product. Axial Vector Energy is excited about the potential of its innovative engine and generator technologies, and - in order to protect its proprietary information and intellectual property - the company has filed several patents. Currently, the company has either filed or is in the process of filing ten patents, and other design patents have already been registered in jurisdictions outside of the U.S.Please see disclaimer on website:



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3/23/2009 3:28:34 PM

Axial Vector Energy Corp. (AXVC.PK) and Adaptive Propulsion Systems Plan Technology Transfer Closing Date for April 4, 2009Today, Axial Vector Energy Corporation announced that it has planned April 4th, 2009 as the date to formally transfer technology from Adaptive Propulsion Systems to AVEC. This transfer will allow AVEC to finally complete license agreements and Joint Ventures that have been pending the development completion for the last two years.Mr. Ahmed Khalifa, Chairman of AVEC commented, “It is a significant milestone for our Company to have outsourced completed assembly of these units and have them successfully tested. We are ready to move ahead with sales and licensing opportunities around the world knowing our revolutionary engines and generators can be produced in quantity and in a very profitable manner. The demonstrations last week and technical operating parameters were satisfactory to AVEC management and we look forward to the signing ceremony April 4th to signify the next chapter in helping our energy starved world.”Mr. Khalifa added, ”We plan to soon announce our new firm of project managers to guide the transfer of the technology from AVEC to license partners around the world. Combining this wonderful news with our recently signed Joint Venture PETRO AVEC , the company is now implementing its business plan quickly to clean the oil and the air we all breath, run it through our engines using much less of it, and then powering our generators to get 40 percent more power for the same input.” *** Edited 3/23/2009 3:28:59 PM UTC by Michael***




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Axial Vector Energy Corp. (AXVC.PK) New Venture Cost Savings Impossible to Ignore The Axial Vector Energy Corp. (AXVC.PK) Petrosonics joint venture offers the world’s oil processing industry a technology and cost savings that is sorely needed. Axial Vector’s earlier announcement that it has teamed up with Petrosonics to form a joint venture company named Petro-AVEC means that Petrosonics’ unique sulfur removal process will now have the backing to be marketed worldwide. Axial’s AVEC Acquisitions subsidiary is contributing nearly $7 million to the venture to help market and continue development of the technology. The innovative process uses high power ultrasound to reduce sulfur, nitrogen, and trace metals in oil. A side benefit is the simultaneous decrease in oil density and hydrogen loss. Put simply, the net result is a product that is worth more, at a cost far less than competing technologies. Petrosonics owns all of the significant intellectual property associated with the technology, which effectively covers more than half of all crude oil produced. AVEC Chairman Ahmed Khalifa has touched on the cost savings potential the process represents to worldwide oil refiners: “Testing results at one major state oil company owned refinery, utilizing the Petrosonics fractionation/desulphurization process, showed annual per stream cost savings of in excess of $54 million and a per barrel reduction from $4.00 to $1.00.” The economics of the technology is important, since there is increasing pressure by governments around the globe to reduce sulfur emissions from automotive fuels. It’s especially significant for small to mid-sized refineries, for which alternative sulfur reduction approaches, such as hydrotreatment, are not cost effective. In addition, the new technology can be applied to multiple fuels, including gasoline and diesel. The result is a new way to save the environment while saving money, a double-hitter that’s impossible to ignore. Please see disclaimer on QualityStocks website:




4/2/2009 1:17:08 PM

Axial Vector Energy Corp. (AVXC.PK) Has Developed Cutting-Edge Technology to Advance Combustion Engines Axial Vector Energy Corporation (AVXC.PK), based in Portland, is on a mission to develop and license technology to take internal combustion engines to the next level. Axial has been able to create new, smaller, and lightweight internal combustion engines that produce more horsepower and three times the torque of conventional engines of the same size. Axial currently has ten patents that have been filed or are in the process of being filed. Some of the company’s pending patent applications cover more than one aspect of the company’s current or previous configurations of the axial vector engine. A number of the pending patents have already been strategically registered in jurisdictions outside of the U.S. Axial already holds two issued patents: Barrel-Type Internal Combustion Engine and Piezoelectric Liquid Injector. The most commonly known internal combustion engine, known as the Otto engine, uses pistons and connecting rods to drive a crankshaft in a reciprocating motion. The second most common engine, referred to as the Wankel engine, moves the pistons in a rotational or eccentric motion. Axial has created a third family of engines called the Barrel-Type Internal Combustion Engine. The Axial engine converts combustion energy into rotational energy like the Wankel engine but without the use of a crankshaft. The linear motion of the pistons is directly transferred into rotational motion via a sinusoidal-shaped main drive-cam that results in less vibration and more efficiently produced energy. Standard fuel injectors on the market today are designed to inject a specific amount of fuel at high pressures to atomize fuel. The fuel injectors used in Otto engines inject fuel at various points. Typically, fuel is injected by sequential sprays or in a single injection into the intake air stream during the intake stroke. One issue of this type of process is that the late injection of fuel into the system causes less mixing and results in uneven combustion. Axial has been able to develop a fuel injector that can provide an accurately mix ratios of fuel and compressed air in a finely controlled high-velocity spray that improves the atomization of the fuel. The Piezoelectric Liquid Injector is able to effectively adjust from delivering very small amounts of fuel at low speeds to greater amounts of fuel needed at full power. The Axial team has designed an injector that is not only more lightweight and efficient than existing injectors, but also one that is easy to build, assemble, and calibrate. Please see disclaimer on QualityStocks website:




4/2/2009 1:32:52 PM

Axial Vector Energy Corp. (AXVC.PK) Appoints Miguel A. Gonzales as the Director of the Company and Head of the Audit Committee Axial Vector Energy Corporation announced earlier this morning that it has appointed Miguel A. Gonzales as the Director of the Company and Head of the Audit Committee. Mr. Gonzales has more than two decades of financial and legal experience. As Managing Director of the Latin American office, he provides valuable expertise in International Licensing and Commerce. Mr. Gonzales will be responsible for coordinating the legal and accounting aspects of the business throughout the company to prepare and move the corporation’s publicly traded stock to the American Stock Exchange (NYSE AMEX). He will also be coordinating on the legal and accounting aspects in the new Las Vegas, Nevada office, which will be announced shortly. Mr. Ahmed Khalifa, Chairman of the Board stated, “We are honored to have Mr. Gonzales on board, as a previous director of bank and the legal advisor for an international pharmaceutical company, we are confident that Axial Vector will quickly move up to its desired listings. His experience with licensing at the international level will be valuable as AVEC embarks on its licensing negotiations worldwide.” Please see disclaimer on QualityStocks website:




4/6/2009 7:38:26 PM

Axial Vector Energy Corp. (AXVC.PK) Seeks Acquisition of Adaptive Propulsion Systems Axial Vector Energy Corp. announced that it has engaged in negotiations to acquire Adaptive Propulsion Systems LLC. The company anticipates closing the acquisition and transfering the technology in the next few days. Because of the highly sensitive nature of the transaction and the importance to both parties, the transfer ceremony will be extended to allow the legal teams to complete the necessary agreements. AVEC Chairman, Mr. Ahmed Khalifa, commented, “The negotiations have taken off on a positive note and most of the major terms have been agreed upon by both parties. We foresee the final exchange of documents between the respective attorneys by the end of this working week.” Please see disclaimer on QualityStocks website:




4/9/2009 6:17:00 PM

The Wind Catchers When I was young, sitting in the back seat of my parents old Buick, I would occasionally dangle my arm out the window, and let the passing wind teach me the only things I ever learned about aerodynamics. You can’t do something like that without gaining an instant respect for air, considering how something completely invisible can still be incredibly powerful. Today I know that the power of natural wind is really the power of the sun, the perpetual struggle of our atmosphere to balance out the sun’s uneven deposits. But inherent in that titanic wrestling match is, some would say, the most cost-effective solution to the world’s energy crisis. The idea of using the wind to generate electricity has never been more popular because of its endless capacity and environmental friendliness. It has been estimated that the power of the wind, if fully captured, could supply the world’s energy needs many times over. Perhaps more importantly, it could do it cleanly, it could do it anywhere in the world, and it could do it without ever running out. Never before has there been more of a movement, or more of an opportunity, to catch the wind. Although harnessing the wind for mechanical energy has been around for thousands of years, and was even used to generate electricity in the late 1800s in Europe, recent improvements have made it today’s fastest growing energy source, continuing to exceed even the most optimistic growth expectations. This is because the technology behind wind power has improved to the point that, in some locations, wind-generated electricity is now close in cost to conventional sources. For an investor, there aren’t many publicly traded players in this field, but there are a few. One of the more interesting players is Axial Vector (OTC: AXVC), developer of a patent-pending axial flux generator providing a significant gain in generation efficiency. The company’s system can be retrofitted to existing turbines, providing substantially more power without adding more towers or turbines, and allowing use during low wind conditions. The bottom line is greater revenue and profitability. Axial recently announced a joint venture agreement with Constellation Capital Management, LLC that will have the exclusive right to market the company’s proprietary generators to the U.S. wind power industry. Other publicly traded companies contributing to the industry include: • Mass Megawatts Wind Power (OTCBB: MMGW) - Holder of patent rights for the MAT system of wind power generation, the company expects to compete favorably with new fossil fuel plants. • Juhl Wind (OTCBB: JUHL) - Leader in community-based wind power development and management, Juhl works to bring wind farming to rural communities. • GE (NYSE:GE) - The maker of more wind turbines than anyone in the world, GE’s installed capacity comprises more than 15,000 megawatts. • Siemens (NYSE:SI) - Close to GE in wind turbines, Siemens recently announced the largest offshore wind turbine supply agreement in history for Northern Europe. Today, almost every week brings with it a major new wind power project or development. Both GE and Siemens are having to ramp up production to meet demand for existing turbine designs, and Axial Vector is just now demonstrating its new axial flux technology. It’s a commitment these companies are willing to make, because they know that wind catching is finally here to stay. Please see disclaimer on QualityStocks website:




4/15/2009 3:01:24 PM

Axial Vector Energy Corp. (AXVC.PK) Transfers Technology and Acquires Adaptive Propulsion Systems LLC Axial Vector Energy Corporation announced tonight that it has successfully completed its technology transfer under development contracts with Adaptive Propulsion Systems LLC (APS), a subsidiary of Tactronics Holdings. The company also announced that it has acquired 100% ownership of Adaptive Propulsion Systems LLC (APS) as part of its initiative to invest in energy efficient and environmentally friendly technology. According to the press release, APS was acquired without liabilities, and it will be at the discretion of Tactronics to retain salaried employees or leased real estate property. Substantial assets acquired include: the proprietary developmental models, computer aided design (CAD) Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software applications for further development of AVEC engines and generators. It was noted in the news release that physical demonstrations of prototype engines and generators met or exceeded all goals at meetings last month in Virginia Beach, VA. In addition, the newly acquired subsidiary has developed a unique “diesel engine control system” which was joint-developed by software developers employed by APS. As terms of the acquisition, APS will provide a license utilizing this engine control system for engines and generators to Axial Vector, as well as make available licenses of this unique software to other manufacturers, which the company believes will produce significant revenue. Tactronics Holding Group International LLC COO, William F. Silhan, commented, “The completion and integration of the multiple AVEC breakthrough technologies has been one of our most challenging and rewarding programs. These engines and generators are cutting edge new technology and we believe that its commercial applications are endless.” AVEC Chairman Mr. Ahmed Khalifa stated, “Today marks a significant milestone in the history of Axial Vector. Through today’s technology transfer and acquisition of Adaptive Propulsion Systems, we believe we now have all the necessary pieces to ensure the broad based licensing and production capability of our engines, generators, gensets, electric motors, and engine control systems. Our view is that the world is more ready and eager than ever to adopt change through use of our products that will be profitable, energy saving and environmentally friendly. Tactronics, APS, Mr. Silhan, and all its engineers clearly deserve the world’s recognition and thanks for their tremendous capital and time commitments over the years. They have clearly lived up to their motto, ‘Failure is not an option’. ” Mr. Khalifa added “The Company will now move swiftly on licensing opportunities for these products. Additionally, it will proceed on licensing products utilizing this technology under its Joint Venture, with U.S. Wind Works LLC, that has plans to retrofit existing energy producing windmills. Please see disclaimer on QualityStocks website:




4/16/2009 7:12:27 PM

Axial Vector Energy Corp. (AXVC.PK) Joint Venture Partner Awarded Multiple Patents in European Union Axial Vector Energy Corporation announced this morning that its PETRO-AVEC LLC Joint Venture partner, Petrosonics LLC, was awarded European Patent Number 1 668 095/04 781 388.6. The patent protects the process by which sulfur and nitrogen bearing compounds are eliminated from diesel oil fractions through the use of sonic energy and an oxidizing agent, absent an aqueous phase. It also protects a related process that removes the resultant oxidized sulfur and nitrogen contaminants. According to the press release, the patent will remain in effect until August of 2029. Petrosonics LLC’s process uses high power sonic energy in a moderate temperature, atmospheric pressure environment to diminish sulfur, nitrogen, and trace metals in petroleum, simultaneously reducing oil density. The process increases API (American Petroleum Institute) gravity (least specific gravity = highest API gravity) and volume. Through the patented process, sour crude is rendered less sour, making it a more useable product. The equipment necessary for this process is highly affordable, reliable, durable, and readily available from Germany. The European patents complement U.S. Patent 7,081,196 and a number of other patents and pending patents in 42 different oil producing and oil refining nations. These 42 countries represent 55.7% of all crude oil production, 30% of world crude oil reserves, and 40% of the world’s refining capacity. More than 1,500 claims remain pending around the world. Dr. Mark Cullen, Managing Director at Petrosonics, LLC commented, “Our second European patent protects a substantial portion of our technology for removing contaminants from diesel fuel and diesel fuel represents a large portion of the output of a typical refinery. We are particularly gratified with these awards in the European Union in that, as a major partner in the Patent Cooperation Treaty, the actions of the EU make award in the other Patent Cooperation Treaty countries that much easier. Given that the process is fully protected, is less expensive to deploy and operate than traditional technologies and is fully supported by commercial, off the shelf equipment, we see no barriers to licensing it to end users now.” AVEC Chairman Mr. Ahmed Khalifa added, “We are ecstatic. This technology is the first major advancement in refining technology in decades and has great potential. We look forward to rapid licensing through Dubai-based PETRO-AVEC LLC.” Please see disclaimer on QualityStocks website:




4/20/2009 4:22:03 PM

Axial Vector Energy Corp. (AXVC.PK) JV, PETRO-AVEC LLC, Expands Licensing Negotiating Team to Add Extensive Middle East, Asian and Russian Oil Industry Expertise Axial Vector Energy Corporation announced earlier this morning that its PETRO-AVEC LLC Joint Venture appointed Dubai-based oil executive Dr. Mazin Samman, former Managing Director of United Oil Investments/Hadramout Refineries Company in Dubai, to its international licensing negotiating team. Dr. Mazin Samman has great expertise in bringing experts together from various continents, governments, companies and organizations to authorize, design, finance, construct and operate large scale oil projects. In Russia, Dr. Samman was responsible for Russian government negotiations/authorizations/long term relations, financing, new refinery design/construction, existing infrastructure upgrade, product procurement, crude oil sales and refining operations. In the Americas, on behalf of Nimir Petroleum in Dallas, TX, Dr. Samman co-managed a team with the mission of securing senior financing from Morgan Stanley and Chase Manhattan Bank to complete the acquisition of HOCOL-Shell in Columbia. In his native Saudi Arabia, Dr. Samman assisted Saudi Aramco in a number of endeavors, including the securing of contractors like MMG (Mohammad Almojil Group) for various large scale construction projects. Dr. Samman commented, “In all of my years working with the oil industry, the Petro-Avec Joint Venture ranks potentially as one of the most exciting. Having experienced a relative drought of exciting new technology in the oil industry since the 1970s, it was just a matter of time before someone came up with something really revolutionary and I’m just excited to be a part of it. The industry very much needs this type of innovation and the third party assessed economics behind it are very compelling. I should think this would be fairly easy to license internationally and I look forward to working on that immediately.” Dr. Mark Cullen, Managing Director at Petro Avec LLC, stated, “I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Samman on my most recent trip through the Middle East. He is the most impressive individual and I look forward to working closely with him.” AVEC Chairman Mr. Ahmed Khalifa added, “An exciting, industry-changing technology deserves the help of exciting, industry-changing leaders. We are extremely fortunate to secure the assistance of Dr. Samman and look forward to much success together. We have additional candidates in mind for assisting with rapid licensing and hope to announce those appointments shortly.” Please see disclaimer on QualityStocks website:




4/23/2009 4:06:54 PM

Axial Vector Energy Corp. (AXVC.PK) Joint Venture Lists Patent Applications on WebsiteApril 23rd, 2009 Axial Vector Energy Corporation announced this morning that its PETRO-AVEC LLC Joint Venture listed a matrix of active patent applications nearing allowance on its under-developed website, Currently, there are over 1,500 claims patent pending in 42 countries. United States Patent No. 7,081,196, the first patent awarded, protects the process of removing sulfur from all types of crude oil fractions through sonic energy, oxidation and the removal of all of the oxidized sulfur through hydrotreatment. European Union patents 1 635 924 B1 and 1 668 095/04 781 388.6 protect the process by which sulfur and nitrogen bearing compounds are removed from diesel oil through the use of sonic energy and an oxidizing agent. They also protect a related process for the removal of the resultant oxidized sulfur and nitrogen contaminants. The claims pending cover a wide range of processes involving the wellhead, pipeline and refinery. Dr. Mark Cullen, Managing Director at Petrosonics, LLC stated, “While the process of intellectual property protection will continue for quite some time, we are encouraged with the quickening pace of new patent awards. At this point, we have achieved a critical mass of awards sufficient to prove exclusive ownership in a number of key countries but look forward to expanding protection around the globe.” He continued, “Third party analysis would seem to indicate that our process is measurably more effective than current technology, is less costly on both an acquisition and total cost of ownership basis and is, perhaps, the only technology available to achieve 5-8 PPM or less sulfur fuels. I find those advantages and the fact that we have a tested, commercial grade system vendor standing by particularly gratifying as we enter our licensing phase.”




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