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Axial Vector Energy Corp (AXVC.PK) is “One to Watch” Axial Vector Energy Corporation is a Portland-based company focused on developing and licensing innovative internal combustion engine and electric power generator technologies for use in automotive, power generation, appliance, and military applications. By employing its patent-pending “axial flux” engine and generator set (GENSET) technologies, the company is able to produce highly efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally sensitive multi-fuel engines and motors that are scalable and adaptable for both mobile and fixed-location settings. Axial Vector Energy plans to use its flagship technology, Axial Vector Engine, to serve as the core of the company’s initial market applications. The revolutionary engine is unique for its ability to produce significantly higher horsepower and torque with considerably lower fuel consumption than similarly sized conventional engines. According to the company, the Axial Vector Engine is also less costly to manufacture and operate, while providing significant environmental advantages over standard internal combustion engines. The company has also developed a new line of high-power “Axial Flux” coreless electric generators that achieve 98.5% efficiency in converting mechanical to electric energy. Axial Vector Energy’s Axial Vector Engine can be seamlessly implemented with two 100 kW Axial Flux generators to create a 200 kW generator set, which is anticipated to become Axial Vector Energy’s first commercially marketed product. Axial Vector Energy is excited about the potential of its innovative engine and generator technologies, and - in order to protect its proprietary information and intellectual property - the company has filed several patents. Currently, the company has either filed or is in the process of filing ten patents, and other design patents have already been registered in jurisdictions outside of the U.S.Please see disclaimer on website:



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10/29/2008 6:01:06 PM

Axial Vector Energy Corp. (AXVC.PK) Prepares Demonstrations for the World’s Largest Windmill Energy Producers Today, Axial Vector Energy Corp. announced that four of the world’s largest windmill energy producers expressed strong interest in the company’s highly efficient motors for wind energy production after the company introduced the technology at the Friedland Equities Global Investment Forum earlier this week. Axial is currently scheduling these special demonstrations. Axial Vector generators have competitive advantages over conventional solutions currently being utilized, providing higher efficiency and profitability while reducing production costs simultaneously. These state-of-the-art motors advantageously reduce the initial frictional force present in existing motors to nearly zero. President and CEO of AVEC, Sanjai Chhaunker, stated, “The astounding features of our motor will allow the wind energy producers to generate power at a low speed of about 1 mile per hour, as against the traditionally required speeds of 8 to 16 miles per hour. This establishes effective tradeoffs between production and generation losses, and should be a big welcome for the windmill energy sector.” The use of windmills to generate power will be in demand for years to come as natural sources of energy production continue to answer the call for long-term answers to global energy shortages. Wind energy has already taken a predominate role in this new direction, with a total value of new generating equipment installed in 2006 reaching 18 billion, or US $23 billion, according to the AXVC press release.Please see disclaimer on QualityStocks website:




11/3/2008 8:10:17 PM

Axial Vector Energy Corp. (AXVC.PK) Meets Residential Users’ Needs Axial Vector Energy (AXVC.PK), based out of Portland, is a company that owns, develops, and licenses advanced internal combustion engine and power generator technologies. Axial has a wide variety of technology that can be utilized in unlimited military, industrial, and commercial applications. The company’s electric motors are ideal for residential users. Basically, an electric motor consists of a generator with a shaft that rotates along with an external electricity source. A 100 kilowatt generator can be turned into a 133 horsepower electric motor, which is actually too powerful for most typical applications; while a 375-watt generator that can be turned into a ½ horsepower electric motor is too small for most generator applications. Axial produces a linear drive that contains two opposing pistons for each cylinder. The use of opposing pistons allows each cylinder to move in a smooth linear motion that uniformly distributes the drive shaft in a balanced configuration. A standard drive contains one piston per cylinder which vibrates upon use. Therefore, the linear Axial models are able to generate a more steady and smooth level of energy than traditional models. With its focus on energy, Axial has a wide variety of electric and fuel-driven motors and generators. The company has designed a line of new electric motors that are significantly smaller and more efficient than traditional models. The Axial line of coreless high-power density and energy-efficient generators span a wide range of HP. The Axial electric motors can be used in a variety of residential applications including refrigerators, freezers, ceiling fangs, air conditioners, and kitchen appliances. A typical apartment uses 5 electric motors, while a typical home uses ten or more electric motors. Interestingly, Axial is able to offer its products from between 35% to 55% the cost of traditional motors. Axial is definitely meeting the needs of residential users by offering a motor that is long-lasting, more efficient, and less costly than standard electric motors. Please see disclaimer on QualityStocks website:




11/5/2008 10:38:58 PM

Axial Vector Energy Corporation (AXVC.PK) Has a Plan to Get Its Engines Out Axial Vector Energy Corporation (AXVC.PK), based out of Portland, is focused on the development and licensing of the next-generation internal combustion engine and electric power generator technologies. At this time, Axial’s technology is being targeted for use in automotive, power generation, appliance, and military applications. The company uses its patent-pending “axial flux” engine and generator set (GENSET) technologies to create high-efficient, environmentally-friendly multi-fuel engines and motors. One key advantage of the Axial digital engine is its linear scalability, which allows it to be easily custom-designed to any clients’ requirements. Strategically, the company produces GENSETS ranging from 7.5 to 200 kW with generators driven by engines at 25, 90 and 352 HP. Axial will continue to expand its client-base by marketing its engines to companies interested in automotive and industrial applications. To further broaden the use of its engines and generators, Axial has an Adaptive Propulsion Systems (APS) group that will focus on developing engines for military applications, such as tactical vehicles, aircrafts, marine applications, and power generators. Any non-classified innovative solutions developed by APS will be marketed to the company’s non-military clientele. Axial has a plan to manufacture its engines through manufacturing licensees or entering into joint ventures with companies that have skill and experience in a wide range of industrial sectors. Additionally, the licensees and distributors targeted by Axial are those that have secure ties to companies in their particular market to more easily introduce the Axial technology to a broad group in a fast and cost-effective manner. Please see disclaimer on QualityStocks website:




11/12/2008 3:03:45 PM

Axial Vector Energy Corporation (AXVC.PK) Meets Energy Concerns with a Variety of Engine and Generator Solutions Energy is in the forefront of discussions in the US government and with consumers. Everyone seems to be seeking information on how to conserve energy, find alternative sources of energy, and new methods to store energy. Axial Vector Energy Corporation (AXVC.PK) is a company that owns, develops, and licenses proprietary intellectual property. The company has applied the technology to create smaller and more-lightweight internal combustion engines that produce more horsepower and three-times more torque than traditional engines of the same size. At this time, Axial is developing the client-base for four separate technologies: a multi-fuel engine, a marine/aviation “gas cam” engine, 200kilowatt GENSETS, and a line of highly efficient small electric motors that can be used for major appliances. The line of small electric motors use two opposing pistons for each cylinder that move in a smooth linear motion, distributing a balanced and steady level of energy with less fuel per unit versus conventional models on the market. Axial is approaching civilian consumers that use internal combustion engines (ICE) in boats, trucks, and power generators with their small electric motors. Amazingly, about 50% of all electricity produced in the US runs through electric motors, so the potential market for Axial is tremendous. The military is another major client that is investigating the use of Axial products in power production and mobile vehicle platform applications. To ensure that military needs are addressed, Axial has partnered with Adaptive Propulsion Systems to develop possible military applications of its multi-fuel “workhorse 7.2” engine. Adaptive also retains exclusive rights to sell products to the US military, NATO military forces, and the military forces of the Governments of the Gulf Cooperative Council, which includes the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait. Consumers and businesses continue to seek methods to conserve energy and become more efficient. As energy continues to be a major concern for many in the world market, the projected business success for Axial Vector is immeasurable.Please see disclaimer on QualityStocks website:




11/17/2008 3:04:25 PM

Axial Vector Energy Corporation (AXVC.PK) is Focused on Protecting its Revolutionary Technologies Axial Vector Energy Corporation (AXVC.PK), a global solutions provider who owns, develops and licenses advanced internal combustion engine and power generator technologies that have unlimited potential in military, industrial, and commercial applications around the world, has trademark applications pending with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the Canadian Intellectual Property Office for protection of the mark “AV” and “AVE.” Axial Vector Energy Corporation offers significant growth potential with its revolutionary engine and generator technologies. The company’s Piezoelectric Liquid Injector is a fuel or liquid injector, which includes a needle valve and a piezoelectric actuator that bears a hydraulic acceleration piston on its distal end. The actuator expands moving the piston toward the needle valve. Expansion of the piezoelectric actuator mechanically actuates the piston, and then increases the hydraulic pressure, which closes the fuel check valve, and accelerates the forward movement of the piston attached to the needle valve. Another one of the company’s potential growth products is their Barrel-type Internal Combustion Engine. This product includes an engine that includes a main drive shaft defining a longitudinal axis; a sinusoidal main drive cam rigidly attached to the main drive shaft; a plurality of cam members that are in contact with the sinusoidal main drive cam; a pair of linear pistons disposed on opposite sides of the cam member for reciprocating linear movement within respective cylinder bores; and bearings disposed within the cylinder bores for maintaining the reciprocating linear movement of the pair of linear pistons within the respective cylinder bores in a direction parallel to the longitudinal axis. Axial Vector Energy Corporation currently has 10 patents that have either been filed or are in the process of being filed, and certain design patents have been registered in jurisdictions outside of the United States. Please see disclaimer on QualityStocks website:




11/18/2008 10:48:19 PM

Axial Vector Energy Corp. (AXVC.PK) Makes Wind Power a Viable Resource in Regions with Light Winds Even though fuel costs have dropped significantly in the last month, energy is still a main conversation point for consumers. As it is an essential part of the next U.S. administration’s platform, the development of alternative energy sources will continue to remain in the forefront of people’s minds. Axial Vector Energy (AXVC.PK) should play a key role in transforming harnessed energy, such as wind power, into usable electricity. Axial is a company that is focused on developing and licensing advanced internal combustion engines and power generators. The company’s engineering team has confirmed that its Axial Flux generator has identified advantages when used with existing windmills for power generation. While windmills have been used for centuries, they have mainly been used in rural and agricultural areas for pumping, grinding, and other farming tasks. For practical use on a large scale, wind power is first harnessed by wind turbines and transformed by electrical generators into usable electrical energy. The wind is currently the largest form of “green” energy being used worldwide, in places such as Denmark, Germany, Spain and India. Harnessing wind energy has a number of advantages over other alternative forms of energy. The first major advantage is that it is an ample resource that only requires a wind speed of 10 mph to be practical. It is also a renewable source that does not generate any pollution. Additionally, it is an energy source that is global and does not require one country to become dependent on another. It has theoretically been determined that if all the wind were harnessed, the world would have ten times more energy available than what we currently utilize. When connected with an Axial flux generator, a windmill can be utilized even more efficiently. Compared to conventional radial flux generators, the Axial generator has a compact size and requires no torque during startup. A control panel can gauge the windmill until a desired speed is met to energize the Axial generator. If the windmill speed falls below the specified point, the Axial generator is de-energized while the speed increases. This technology allows a windmill to produce energy during low wind conditions, which can be a key selling point for areas that generally have low wind speeds. The cost of producing wind energy has dropped significantly since it was initially developed in the 1980’s. Now in conjunction with the Axial flux generator, more communities can take advantage of wind power. Please see disclaimer on QualityStocks website:




11/20/2008 5:11:25 PM

Axial Vector Energy Corp. (AXVC.PK) Signs Joint Venture Agreement, Establishes Position in Wind Power Industry Axial Vector announced that it has formed a Joint Venture with Constellation Capital Management, LLC of Novato, CA. The Joint Venture will have the exclusive right to market Axial Vector’s proprietary generating equipment to replace existing generators in the nation’s wind power industry. The proprietary generators offer significantly greater increases in power generation, revenues and profits for each retrofit project. The Joint Venture, 80% of which is owned by Axial Vector, anticipates offering the cutting-edge generators to existing wind projects as an investment rather than a direct equipment sale. The proprietary generators’ advantageous ability to produce energy in low wind conditions will be crucial to the viability of wind power projects as natural gas prices continue to decline. According to the press release, the AVEC 100 kW generator will serve as the Joint Venture’s initial retrofit generator. This generator is rated for 100 kW of continuous output, 120 kW of peak output and has an exceptional 98% operating efficiency. Constellation Capital Advisor and Consultant Dr. Faramarz Yazdani, a senior power industry expert, commented, “The retrofit is a cost effective approach that enables each turbine to generate substantially more power without adding more towers or turbines. This in turn translates into substantial additional revenues and profits for the existing wind power generators. California has approximately 1,500 megawatts of installed wind generating capacity. Unfortunately, these California wind projects have only been able to achieve annual operating rates of approximately 25%. Every 1% California systemwide improvement in capacity factor would result in an additional generation of at least 135,000 mWh, adding close to $10.0 million annually to California wind industry revenues at today’s power market prices. Increasing the capacity factor for the existing projects from 25% to 35% would add another $100 million of annual revenues in California alone.” Constellation Capital Senior Advisor William Jeffrey Gilliam added, “According to California Energy Commission Wind Performance Reports, California wind power generators are particularly inefficient at producing power during the four month period of November thru February. At the Northern California Altamont Pass generation site (the largest in California), combined output in the month of January is consistently in the range of 5% of capacity. Existing wind power generating projects have simply been unable to generate power under the kinds of wind conditions that prevail most of the year. Installing an AVEC retrofit generator will provide the flexibility of efficiently generating power in both low and high wind conditions.” He continued, “Needless to say, more efficient operation in low wind conditions can and will result in significant increases in wind power sales at retrofitted facilities. Dr. Faramarz Yazdani and I have a long history of successfully working together in the California independent power industry. Dr. Yazdani and I look forward to working with the Joint Venture in developing relationships with existing California and U.S. wind power projects that can benefit from an AVEC retrofit. We believe that the near term retrofit opportunities are significant in number as well as in the overall improvement that each project can expect to achieve from an AVEC generator solution.”Please see disclaimer on QualityStocks website:




11/24/2008 7:07:29 PM

Axial Vector Energy Corporation (AXVC.PK) Led by Chairman Dr. Jack Walter Axial Vector Energy Corporation is a global solutions provider based in Portland, Oregon that owns, develops and licenses revolutionary internal combustion engine and electric power generator technologies that have unlimited potential in military, industrial and commercial applications. The young company has been very successful of late and one of the reasons for this success is their talented Advisory Board which is comprised of distinguished senior executives who use their extensive experience and expertise in the industry to provide in-depth analysis regarding the strategic development of potential applications that utilize the company’s revolutionary new technologies. Leading the way on the Axial Advisory Board is Dr. Jack Walter. Dr. Walter was recently appointed to serve as the Chairman of the AVEC Advisory Board to help develop specific business and technical recommendations for identifying and cultivating potential market opportunities and applications for the company. Having graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Chemical Engineering as well as earning a Master’s degree and a PhD, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the position. Dr. Walter is a recognized name in the power and generation industries. Prior to leading Axial, he served as the President of Constellation Power, Inc., a multi-billion dollar subsidiary of Constellation Energy Group that owns and operates over 40 energy generation plants and fuel generation facilities throughout the United States and Latin America. Prior to that, Dr. Walter was President of Ogden Power Corporation and a co-founder and Director of Gallagher Marine Systems, Inc. Jack Walter is a pioneer in his field and with him leading the way, and a strong team at the helm of Axial, the company is poised to make a solid run towards the future.Please see disclaimer on QualityStocks website:




11/25/2008 5:41:01 PM

Axial Vector Engine Corp. (AXVC.PK) Takes Action to Combat Rising Energy Demand The world population continues to rise and more devices are requiring greater amounts of power to operate at full capacity. This dilemma further escalates when one considers the rising middle class around the work, increasing the demand for power. This trend can continue, but only if there are renewable sources of energy to replace the energy drawn from quickly depleting oil fields. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a prime example of the soaring power demand. Vipin Sharma, Tripp Lite vice president for EEMEA and India sales, stated, “The swelling demand for power in the UAE is being fuelled by the rapid increase in population and unprecedented growth in the nation’s economy, all of which requires tremendous amounts of electricity.” Axial Vector Engine is seeking to relieve this power stress by developing highly efficient engines that can run on multiple types of fuel as well as marketing the next generation of generators for the wind power industry. The company also has their GENSETS that reach 98.5% efficiency in converting mechanical energy to electric energy. There is little question about Axial’s lock on technologically superior products. With automotive, military, power production, and even appliance applications, every market is available to them with huge revenue potential. Please see disclaimer on QualityStocks website:




11/28/2008 7:25:18 PM

Axial Vector Energy Corp. (AXVC.PK) Technologies have Numerous Applications Axial Vector Energy Corp. has their focus on owning, developing and licensing advanced internal combustion engine and power generator technologies. One application of Axial Vector’s technology is within the automobile industry. Compared to conventional internal combustion engines on the market, Axial’s engines have huge gains in torque per horsepower and a substantial decrease in parts that allow a 40,000 hour mean time to overhaul compared to the conventional 20,000 hour mean time to overhaul. The company also has a compelling opportunity in the marine sector. Because the watercraft market is sensitive to the weight and torque output of their vehicles, Axial Vector is poised to take market share quickly due to their engine’s reduced weight and high torque band. The company’s third generation engine weighs only 68 pounds, but remarkably produces 640 pounds of torque and 200 horsepower. The engines also find application in lifting systems due to a reduction in friction and 95% recovery rate, meaning that 95% of the energy used to lift an object is recovered when the object is set back down. Tunnel boring, digging machines, household appliances, pumps, helicopters, recreational vehicles, personal power are some of the many other applications. With so many advantages over today’s conventional engines, Axial Vector Energy Corp. is well positioned to make a substantial impact on the market.Please see disclaimer on QualityStocks website:




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