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Axial Vector Energy Corp (AXVC.PK) is “One to Watch” Axial Vector Energy Corporation is a Portland-based company focused on developing and licensing innovative internal combustion engine and electric power generator technologies for use in automotive, power generation, appliance, and military applications. By employing its patent-pending “axial flux” engine and generator set (GENSET) technologies, the company is able to produce highly efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally sensitive multi-fuel engines and motors that are scalable and adaptable for both mobile and fixed-location settings. Axial Vector Energy plans to use its flagship technology, Axial Vector Engine, to serve as the core of the company’s initial market applications. The revolutionary engine is unique for its ability to produce significantly higher horsepower and torque with considerably lower fuel consumption than similarly sized conventional engines. According to the company, the Axial Vector Engine is also less costly to manufacture and operate, while providing significant environmental advantages over standard internal combustion engines. The company has also developed a new line of high-power “Axial Flux” coreless electric generators that achieve 98.5% efficiency in converting mechanical to electric energy. Axial Vector Energy’s Axial Vector Engine can be seamlessly implemented with two 100 kW Axial Flux generators to create a 200 kW generator set, which is anticipated to become Axial Vector Energy’s first commercially marketed product. Axial Vector Energy is excited about the potential of its innovative engine and generator technologies, and - in order to protect its proprietary information and intellectual property - the company has filed several patents. Currently, the company has either filed or is in the process of filing ten patents, and other design patents have already been registered in jurisdictions outside of the U.S.Please see disclaimer on website:



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8/20/2008 3:54:37 PM

Axial Vector Engine Corp. (AXVC.PK) Power Solutions Are Not Just Limited to Vehicles Axial Vector Engine Corporation is a firm based in the United States that that owns, develops and licenses proprietary intellectual property with unique electric engine and internal combustion engine technologies. These engines are much different than traditional engines in that they create greater horsepower and torque while using less fuel. The engines have 50% fewer moving parts than a traditional engine which can mean lower maintenance and repair fees, as well as significant weight and size reduction. Axial Vector’s engines are easy to adapt, not just for motorized vehicles, but can be utilized for a plethora of applications. The electric motors created by Axial Vector use the most efficient electric motor technology that has been developed due to the fact that it has been derived from the most efficient generator technology to date. These powerful electric units can be placed in refrigerators, washing machines, dryers and will result in huge savings in electricity consumption for the end user. The combination of small lightweight design and high torque output makes the engines from Axial Vector ideal for use in any type of pump. Designs have already been created using the engines to not only power vehicles but also to convert some of the cylinders to use as a power source for pumping any material. The engines have already been used in applications to pump sand, water and oil which cover three of the most common industrial pump uses. Finally the engines from Axial Vector can be adapted to take to the sky in helicopter applications. Their design allows them to operate from any position, which is a major necessity in the aerospace industry. Their lightweight design and small size allow their use in the new lightweight personal helicopters that are becoming popular today. There are many examples of applications for the products of Axial Vector Engine Corporation in real world situations that are no longer limited to powering boats and automobiles. Please see disclaimer on QualityStocks website:




8/26/2008 3:12:07 PM

Axial Vector Engine Corp. (AXVC.PK) Advisory Board is as Powerful as Their Engines Axial Vector Engine Corporation is well known for their unique electric engine and internal combustion engine technologies. They have a reputation for their engine’s strength, durability and fuel efficiency. Similarly, the company’s Advisory Board has a well-known reputation. The Advisory Board is comprised of distinguished senior executives who use their extensive experience and expertise in the industry to provide in-depth analysis regarding the strategic development of potential applications that utilize the company’s revolutionary new technologies. The Chairman of the AVEC Advisory Board is Dr. Jack Walter, a long time engineer by trade with ties in the energy and manufacturing industries. Dr. Walter received his BS degree in Chemical Engineering, Summa Cum Laude, from the University of Florida, and his MS and PhD from the University of Pittsburgh. Having graduated with such an advanced education, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the position. Dr. Walter has established a long and illustrious history in the power and generation industries. He previously served as the President of Constellation Power, Inc., a multi-billion dollar subsidiary of Constellation Energy Group that owns and operates over 40 energy generation plants and fuel generation facilities throughout the United States and Latin America. Prior to that, Dr. Walter was President of Ogden Power Corporation and a co-founder and Director of Gallagher Marine Systems, Inc. Before leading the Advisory Board, Dr. Walter was a consultant for AVEC for eight months, where he provided the company with an in-depth and valuable range of management and technical expertise. As the Chairman of the Advisory Board, Dr. Walter continues to provide strategic planning to AVEC. Out of the consulting role he draws upon input from equally high-powered, proven and experienced senior executives who meet every second month to focus on key business and technical issues to assist AVEC in its rapid growth and development.Please see disclaimer on QualityStocks website:




8/29/2008 1:58:16 PM

Axial Vector Energy Corp (AXVC.PK) - Improving Global Demand for Electrical Power The ever-growing market of worldwide sales of electric motors of all sizes and capabilities is estimated to exceed one billion units annually. Energy consumption and the world’s need for alternative energy solutions to improve energy efficiency is a crucial issue for countries small and large throughout the world. Axial Vector Energy Corporation (AVEC) is one company that is capable of supplying the world’s needs. Axial Vector owns, develops, and licenses revolutionary internal combustion engine and electrical power generator technologies for use in automotive, power generation, appliance, and military applications. The company intends to employ their patent-pending “axial flux” engine and generator set (GENSET) technologies to produce highly efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally sensitive multi-fuel engines and motors that are scalable across a wide range of applications and serve in both mobile and fixed-location settings. Around the world, the proportion of electric energy consumed by electric motors and appliances is between 50% and 60%. In larger populated countries such as India, China and countries in southeastern Asia and Latin America, a higher demand for small and medium motors exists. Additionally, there is a greater demand for increased power production (electrification) in multiple countries in which GENSET will be able to meet the growing needs for prime power, distributed power, standby power, and portable power. In China for example, more than half of their electrical usage is for electric motors. As China’s economy and electric power use continues to grow, motor sales are expected to also increase, which provides Axial Vector an enormous opportunity to integrate their GENSET technologies. Motor systems in China are generally much less efficient compared to systems in the United States and other developed countries. The Chinese government is taking steps to develop markets for higher-efficiency products as electricity prices in the economically prosperous coastal areas are rising, and local governments turn to private power suppliers in order to avert power shortages and acquire energy-saving technologies. The privatization of electric power and the removal of government subsidies mean a very strong interest in high-efficiency systems such as Axial Vector’s. Please see disclaimer on QualityStocks website:




9/3/2008 9:55:29 PM

Axial Vector Energy Corp (AXVC.PK) - Improving Global Demand for Electrical Power Axial Vector Energy Corporation (OTCBB: AXVC) owns, develops and licenses proprietary intellectual property with unique internal combustion engine technologies. By applying these new technologies, the company has developed a smaller and lighter internal combustion engine that produces significantly greater horsepower and three times more torque on less fuel than conventional engines of similar size. The company is currently developing a family of electric power generators incorporating their unique Axial Vector™ technology. Through strategic partnerships, Axial Vector can integrate their products into multiple industries. Axial Vector has an agreement with Adaptive Propulsion Systems to develop military applications. The terms of the agreement call for Adaptive to pay 100% of the development costs of the “workhorse 7.2″ multi-fuel engine. Adaptive also holds exclusive rights to sell to the United States military, NATO militaries and the militaries of the governments of the Gulf Cooperative Council, which include Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates. Axial Vector is comprised of four separate technologies. Multi-fuel “workhorse” engines; marine/aviation “gas cam” engines; 200kw GENSETS that combine to create 1 megawatt of portable power; and a line of “ultra efficient small electric motors” that can be utilized in all major appliances. The civilian market covers all areas where an internal combustion engine “ICE” is used in things such as boats, trucks and power generation. The company’s small and extremely efficient electric motors represent a huge market, as approximately 50% of all electricity produced in the United States runs through electric motors. Please see disclaimer on QualityStocks website:




9/9/2008 6:31:20 PM

Axial Vector Energy Corp. (AXVC.PK) Recently Appointed New Director of Strategic Planning Axial Vector Energy Corporation (”AVEC”), a company involved in the ownership, development, and licensing of advanced combustion engine technologies, has named Behzad Khakouei its new Director of Strategic Planning. Mr. Khakouei will act as liaison between AVEC and international investors. He will also aid the company’s sales and marketing teams in devising move-forward strategies. Perhaps most significantly, he will be spearheading efforts to achieve listing on higher exchanges in the US and Germany. Before joining AVEC, Behzad led Emirates International Capital Advisory’s due diligence panel. He is still the acting president for EAST Com Ltd., a private investment firm based out of Britain. He will use the expertise amassed at these posts to effectively assist AVEC in the successful commercialization of Axial Vector technologies. Mr. Khakouei gave a statement regarding his new position: “I am looking forward to the challenge of helping AVEC reach its full potential. Meeting the engineers with site visits in Detroit while leading the due diligence team for EICA in Dubai and seeing the commercial products leaves little doubt about the importance and success these efforts should bring.” Please see disclaimer on QualityStocks website:




9/10/2008 5:25:51 PM

Axial Vector Energy Corp. (AXVC.OB) Selects New CEO and President to Lead the Company In today’s news, Axial Vector Energy announced that it has selected Mr. Sanjai Chhaunker as its new president and CEO, effective today. Mr. Chhaunker will be in charge of all AVEC corporate functions, including finance, administration, international operations, product development, customer services, sales and marketing. “Sanjai has tremendous operational and product development experience that covers the range of corporate functions,” commented Mr. Ahmed Khalifa, Chairman of AVEC. Mr. Khalifa further said, “The Board has given its full endorsement of his plan to use the financial resources of EICA to seek acquisitions of companies and technology for AVEC that compliment AVEC engine, generator and electric motor technologies.” “Sanjai Chhaunker’s depth of experience and leadership skills will allow us to accelerate our growth and take the company to the next level,” stated Mr. Arash Masom, Senior Managing Director of Emirates Capital. “We are excited to work with Sanjai, both because he is an amazing executive and because we share the vision that AVEC technology will be essential for so many areas in an energy starved world. Sanjai will build an organization that will keep up with our accelerating business.” “The chance to lead the AVEC team is truly exceptional,” stated Mr. Chhaunker. “AVEC is well on its way to changing the way green energy technology is developed and deployed around the world. We have identified two potential acquisition targets, and I will meet in New York with our new auditors and attorneys concerning our progress on becoming fully reporting and request listing our stock on a higher market.” Mr. Chhaunker continued, “My extensive knowledge of the Indian automotive and generator market will bring value added to AVEC in our negotiations with top Indian manufacturers in the near future.” Previously, Mr. Chhaunker served as finance manager for a $500-million business conglomerate based in Hyderabad, India. In this position, he was responsible for implementing various stages of a $125-million textile spinning project and was instrumental in syndicating project and equity funding. His Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Southeastern University, Washington D.C. and previous experiences make him an ideal leader for this emerging company. Please see disclaimer on QualityStocks website:




9/11/2008 5:21:54 PM

Axial Vector Energy Corp. (AXVC.PK) Announces the Formation of New Subsidiary to Make Acquisitions Today, Axial Vector Energy Corp. announced that it has formed a wholly owned subsidiary, AVEC Strategic Acquisitions Corp. The new company will be led by Mr. Sanjai Chhaunker, who was recently appointed as the new President and CEO. He will be working alongside Mr. Behzad Khakouei, Director Strategic planning of AVEC. Mr. Chhaunker, stated, “Our strategic plan calls for acquiring businesses that complement our core technology and allow our revenue stream to grow more rapidly. With the proper structure and financing now in place, we will proceed to finalize our discussions on companies that we have researched and identified as strategic to our plans.” “Now that we have our new CEO and the subsequent establishment of AVEC’s new subsidiary, we are now in a position to execute the deals that will propel AVEC to the forefront of clean, efficient energy suppliers,” commented Mr. Khakouei. Please see disclaimer on QualityStocks website:




9/16/2008 4:45:48 PM

The Green Baron Features Axial Vector Energy Corp. (AXVC.PK) It’s “the perfect time to own this stock” according to The Green Baron Report. The company they’re so confident about is Axial Vector Energy Corp. (OTCPK:AXVC), an Oregon-based developer of advanced high-efficiency internal combustion engines, and proudly announced as one of only 70 stocks fully profiled by The Green Baron Report since the newsletter began. In praising Axial’s potential, Green Baron emphasized what they consider to be the three keys of success for any company: • Easy access to cash• Experienced, capable, and driven management and personnel• Revolutionary/proprietary, or technologically superior products that fill a need or niche According to Baron “Axial Vector is well on its way to having all three.” When it comes to cash, Axial Vector couldn’t have better friends. Primary financial commitment and support comes from EICA, the Dubai-based investment advisory firm chaired by a member of the Royal Family of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. EICA ( has already purchased 10% of the outstanding stock of Axial, with rights to purchase another 15%. The firm looks for ventures that have promising returns, focus on overlooked niche markets, and target best-in-class solutions and groundbreaking technologies to bring to market. Regarding management and personnel, Green Baron is equally positive. Over and above a history of strong technical personnel, Green Baron considers the recent announcement of Mr. Sanjai Chhaunker as new President and CEO a “rebirth”. Although they praised former CEO Sam Higgins for helping bring needed investment capital through EICA, they were obviously pleased with the new CEO as well as plans to get Axial shares listed on a higher exchange. And there’s little question about Axial’s lock on technologically superior products, specifically its revolutionary multi-fuel high-efficiency internal combustion engine and electric power generator technologies. With automotive, military, power production, and even appliance applications, every market is available to them with huge dollar potential. In short, The Green Baron Report sees Axial as “a shining star in an otherwise dim investment world”, one of the only low-priced stocks they are confident will maintain a high-percentage return, both short term and long. They believe Axial has “the money, leadership, and revolutionary products to succeed when many will fail.” Please see disclaimer on QualityStocks website:




9/16/2008 4:50:53 PM

Axial Vector Energy Corp. (AXVC.PK) Receives Prestigious Invite as it Looks to the Future Axial Vector Energy Corporation has been invited to present its breakthrough technologies at the prestigious Friedland Global Equities forum at the Burj Al Arab Hotel on Monday, October 27, 2008. This invitation is an honor that is not given to many companies and may set the tone for the future of Axial. Axial is a global solutions provider that owns, develops and licenses revolutionary internal combustion engine and electric power generator technologies that have unlimited potential in military, industrial and commercial applications. The Portland, Oregon-based company is led by Sanjai Chhaunker, who was named Axial’s President and CEO on September 10, 2008. Chhaunker brings a tremendous amount of operational and product development experience that covers the entire range of the company’s corporate structures. During the presentation on October 27, Chhaunker will present attendees with an overview of the growth strategies for its energy saving engines, generators and electric motors. Chhaunker will also address Axial’s recent acquisition activity and how the company will expand its business segments through internal development and acquisitions. Axial has positioned itself to become the leader in international engine and energy markets with technologies that produce more efficient, cost effective, environmentally sensitive and versatile solutions for use in a variety of important applications around the world. With many new acquisitions and development, the company expects to be profitable in calendar 2008. Please see disclaimer on QualityStocks website:




9/22/2008 5:20:09 PM

Axial Vector Energy Corp. (AXVC.PK) Announces Introduction of 15kW Generator/Electric Motor Axial Vector Energy Corp. announced that it has received final data transfer and production schematics for its 15kW generator/electric motor. This new product is the world’s first “coreless” (no iron) generator/motor to bring industrial-sized efficiency to tabletop and mobile platform uses. The company is currently accepting orders for the units. These new generators/engines have numerous applications and are anticipated to meet substantial worldwide demand. Some example applications given by the company include: power for ambulances, fire departments, police, military, recreational vehicles, and others that need additional power without further consumption. Axial Vector Energy is already identifying and forging alliances with several certified manufacturers capable of mass production. President and CEO Sanjai Chhaunker stated, “This marks a significant milestone for Axial Vector Energy and I am proud to head the Company at this exciting time. The 15kW generator and can be used as both a power source and electric motor; the product is virtually maintenance free, its longevity of 40,000 hours is twice as long as its competition, and is 98% efficient compared to others at 70-75% efficiency.” Axial Vector Energy noted that durability testing for its 100kW generators is continuing. While pleased with the progress of these tests, the company decided that the pistons would need to be redesigned to meet the 40,000 hour durability goal. Newly designed pistons are already in the process of being tested. “Earlier this year, the Company accepted orders for 80 megawatts using our 200kW Genset Generators. I have spoken to all these customers and no one has cancelled their orders.” Chhaunker added, “We do not pay penalties for being late to deliver this breakthrough technology. Our customers understand the tremendous anticipated benefits of this product and are waiting patiently for us to complete all durability tests before taking delivery.” Please see disclaimer on QualityStocks website:




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