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Axial Vector Energy Corp (AXVC.PK) is “One to Watch” Axial Vector Energy Corporation is a Portland-based company focused on developing and licensing innovative internal combustion engine and electric power generator technologies for use in automotive, power generation, appliance, and military applications. By employing its patent-pending “axial flux” engine and generator set (GENSET) technologies, the company is able to produce highly efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally sensitive multi-fuel engines and motors that are scalable and adaptable for both mobile and fixed-location settings. Axial Vector Energy plans to use its flagship technology, Axial Vector Engine, to serve as the core of the company’s initial market applications. The revolutionary engine is unique for its ability to produce significantly higher horsepower and torque with considerably lower fuel consumption than similarly sized conventional engines. According to the company, the Axial Vector Engine is also less costly to manufacture and operate, while providing significant environmental advantages over standard internal combustion engines. The company has also developed a new line of high-power “Axial Flux” coreless electric generators that achieve 98.5% efficiency in converting mechanical to electric energy. Axial Vector Energy’s Axial Vector Engine can be seamlessly implemented with two 100 kW Axial Flux generators to create a 200 kW generator set, which is anticipated to become Axial Vector Energy’s first commercially marketed product. Axial Vector Energy is excited about the potential of its innovative engine and generator technologies, and - in order to protect its proprietary information and intellectual property - the company has filed several patents. Currently, the company has either filed or is in the process of filing ten patents, and other design patents have already been registered in jurisdictions outside of the U.S.Please see disclaimer on website:



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7/15/2008 5:50:30 PM

Axial Vector Energy Corp. (AXVC.PK) Announces the Termination of SEC Investigation; No Enforcement Action Recommended Axial Vector Energy Corp. announced that the U.S. SEC has terminated its investigation of the company and its former chairman. AVEC was informed of this decision in a letter sent from SEC’s San Francisco regional office. The commission recommended that no enforcement action be taken. “We are pleased, but not surprised, by the SEC decision. We believe that our business conduct has always upheld to high standards of integrity. During the long investigation, we cooperated fully with the SEC to demonstrate that we have nothing to hide. This decision affirms our corporate principles and confirms our resolve to become an international leader in clean energy. Further, the company can now move forward focused entirely on the business plan,” stated CEO Ahmed Khalifa. During the first quarter of this year, the company received the first order for their proprietary multi-fuel, power generator system. This unique power generator is the world’s first true multi-fuel system and the only non-fossil fuel portable power generator. The company’s revolutionary technology features significant advantages over the competition as it produces less pollution and noise, requires less fuel and other expenditures, while providing more power with longer durability. Please see disclaimer on website:




7/18/2008 10:07:29 PM

Axial Vector Engine Corp. (AXVC.PK) Chairman Letter to Investors Dear Shareholder, First and foremost I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for standing by Axial Vector through the turbulent times. Your support is vital to our ability to finally commercialize this technology that we are all very proud of. During our development phase and delays, various events have occurred which have caused many to question the actual progress and development of our engines, generators and electric motors. The fact that our joint venture partner in this development is a top military supplier has not, in the past, helped to reveal and keep the outside community informed. We had all always known this was the case but nevertheless now that it has been officially clarified, AVEC is able to move forward at full speed! Posted on our website, you will see that we have included the testing of our generator and within this week we will have another video posted showing the final testing of our engine. I have recently concluded my travels to Asia and the Far East. These extensive travels have resulted in the signing of various NDAs to develop and test our various technologies in India, Malaysia and Korea. These agreements are currently in the research phase which is being done by the other parties. Axial is not sharing all of its technology with a single company in any one country, we believe that the most profitable way forward is to allow the interested companies to research their respective markets, advise us as to the product or products most suited to them, to start testing and then to look at how best to supply each market. We currently have generators that are state of the art and probably the highest efficiencies available to the public market. Our electric motor is another product that has mass market potential and is attracting a lot of interest currently. Finally, there is the engine which started this whole family of technologies, the first truly multi fuel engine, delivering three times as much torque as a conventional engine, smaller, lighter and 50% less parts, the advantages of this product are self explanatory! Our ability to produce clean mobile power platforms, use clean fuels and in case of shortages run on an alternative, more readily available source. Our eligibility to obtain carbon credits for power produced using clean fuels clearly sets us up as a formidable force on the power production map, not to mention the clean energy and environmental conservational stage. Once again I would like to thank you for your continued support and confidence in AVEC, soon to be one of the major suppliers of clean and efficient power platforms. Yours Sincerely,Ahmed Khalifa Please see disclaimer on website:




7/23/2008 6:28:28 PM

Axial Vector Energy Corp. (AXVC.PK) Initiates Stock BuyBack Program Axial Vector Engine Corporation today announced that, effective immediately, the board of directors has authorized an investment to repurchase up to five million of its common stock shares as part of a new buyback program. Although the timing, stipulations and exact number of shares to be purchased has not been specified, it was announced that the buyback program will conclude on or before August 31st, 2008. The company also noted that it is not obligated to acquire a specified number of shares and the program may be suspended or even discontinued at any time. The timing and exact number of shares purchased will be at the discretion of Axial Vector’s management and will depend on market conditions. All repurchases will be funded from the company’s current cash and credit positions and will occur in open market, negotiated or block transactions. AXEC does not intend to repurchase any shares from its management team or any other insiders. The announcement of the buyback plan shows investors the current financial strength of the company as well as confidence moving forward. Axial Vector is an international firm, based in Portland, Oregon, that owns, develops and licenses proprietary intellectual property with unique internal combustion engine technologies. Their engines use a linear power design to create a combination of horsepower, torque and fuel efficiency superior to that of standard internal combustion engines. In several tests, the engines manufactured by AVEC produce an average of three times as much torque as a standard engine while measuring only half the size. The engines also have significantly less moving parts, which allows them to require less maintenance and run for more hours without the need for an overhaul. Please see disclaimer on QualityStocks website:




7/28/2008 11:55:08 PM

Axial Vector Engine Corp. (AXVC.PK) Continuing A Sixty-Year-Old Tradition of Linear PowerAxial Vector Engine Corporation can trace its roots back to World War II, when Dr. Karl Hermann created the original linear power transmission concept. That initial design was eventually put to successful use by the US navy as a pneumatic drive in MK-46 torpedoes. The linear power design has proven successful in many applications because of its power and simplicity. Since the 1960’s, General Motors has been continuously using a linear power transmission for its air conditioning compressors. The crucial difference between linear power and traditional standard drive is the position of the pistons and cylinders relative to the drive shaft. The twin piston design in a linear power transmission allows it to be smaller and lighter and produce significantly more torque on less fuel than standard drive engines of similar size. The linear power transmission also eliminates the need for a crank shaft and has less moving parts, which translates into less potential for wear and tear or repairs. A perfect example of the superiority of linear power design is the Axial Vector Gas-Cam marine engine. It is a simple, four-stroke engine that runs on regular gas but is half the size and weight of comparable engines. The Gas-Cam produces 3.0 ft-lb of torque per HP versus 1.0 to 1.7 ft-lb per HP in conventional engines, which means the smaller engine is capable of doing more work than a conventional engine of the same horsepower. In addition to being more efficient, the engine saves money by creating enough power that a transmission is not necessary in most marine applications, a direct drive system with a clutch can do most jobs. AVEC also has in development a large, 8 cylinder 7.2-liter “Work Horse” diesel /multi-fuel engine which produces 352HP and 1,140 ft lbs of torque. The engine produces up to 75% more horsepower than the current 7.2 liter Caterpillar engine already on the market while achieving greater fuel economy. Linear drive is clearly an old technology that has not been forgotten and is in the process of being perfected by Axial Vector Engine Corporation. Please see disclaimer on QualityStocks website:




7/29/2008 10:08:20 PM

Axial Vector Energy Corp. (AXVC.PK) Announces Reception of Application Approval for Zayed Future Energy Award Axial Vector Energy Corp. announced that its application for consideration for the prestigious Zayed Future Energy Award has been accepted by the Zayed Future Energy Committee. Those awarded will be formally saluted during a formal award ceremony under the patronage of His Highness, General Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the United Arab Emirates. The Zayed Future Energy Prize was introduced as a way to inspire the next generation of global energy innovators. During the formal award ceremony, the winner of the first annual prize will be awarded $1.5 million dollars. The finalist will be chosen by experts around the world, while the winners will be chosen by a jury chaired by Dr.R.K. Pachauri, Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and winner of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. Ahmed Khalifa, Chairman of Axial Vector Energy Corp, stated, “Acceptance through the first stage of the award process has been a considerable validation for the technologies that Axial Vector has worked to produce. We are pleased that the committee will evaluate all of AVEC’s patent-pending ‘axial flux’ engine and generator set (GENSET) technologies in detail. AVEC is able to produce highly efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally sensitive multi-fuel engines and motors that are scalable and adaptable for both mobile and fixed-location settings and we believe this to be of great importance to the future of energy efficiency.” Please see disclaimer on QualityStocks website:




7/31/2008 9:52:09 PM

The Axial Vector Energy Corp. (AXVC.PK) GENSET - A Cut above the Rest Axial Vector Energy Corporation is engaged in the ownership, development, and licensing of advanced combustion engine and power generation technologies. The company presently has ten patents pending on various aspects of its business. Final tests are being performed on Axial Vector’s 100KW coreless axial flux permanent magnet generator, a unit with a power conversion efficiency of nearly one-hundred percent. This rivals the performance of much larger, industrial-strength units. A pair of these 100KW generators, combined with Axial Vector’s 352 horsepower “Work Horse” engine, forms a generator set (GENSET); a free-standing electricity generation and regulation unit, capable of providing a steady power supply at several different output strengths. The generators are fed into what is called a rectifier, establishing a direct current (DC) link, which is subsequently inverted to alternating current (AC) by pulse width modulation switches. These switches are operated and regulated by the GENSET’s advanced control system. The Axial Vector GENSET implements a highly-attuned, full-authority digital engine control (FADEC) system that maintains close control over the unit’s operation. The FADEC monitors, optimizes, and equalizes all unit functions; engine, generators, rectifier, inverter and auxiliary systems are orchestrated to perform at the highest possible levels of efficiency. Upon the approval of certain related patents, Axial Vector is poised to take a leading role in the field of electricity generation.Please see disclaimer on QualityStocks website:




8/6/2008 2:12:25 AM

Axial Vector Engine Corp. (AXVC.PK), Powering the Next Generation of Vehicles Axial Vector Engine Corporation, based in the United States, is a company that owns, develops and licenses proprietary intellectual property with unique internal combustion engine technologies. These engines are much different than traditional internal combustion engines in that they create greater horsepower and torque while using less fuel. The engines also have fewer moving parts, which can mean lower maintenance and repair fees, as well as significant weight and size reduction. Finally the engines are easy to adapt for use in a plethora of applications. The use of Axial’s engines in automobiles will catapult the vehicle to a new efficiency. Due to the huge gains in torque-per-horsepower, 3.14:1, AVEC engines are three times more efficient in producing torque than any other engine in circulation today. The decrease in the number of parts also permits a 20,000-hour mean time overhaul as compared to a 40,000-hour mean time overhaul for conventional internal combustion engines on the market. The AVEC engine incorporates 50-percent fewer parts than any engine in existence, which simply makes it half as likely to have anything go wrong while operating. The newest, third-generation engines, weighing only 68 pounds, generate 200 horsepower and produce 640 pounds of torque. AVEC engines are not only lighter and smaller than conventional engines but also, due to their efficiency while running, emit less harmful substances into the atmosphere. The watercraft market is sensitive to the weight and torque output of their engine technology. The superiority of Axial’s products is no more evident than on the water, where the lightweight design and fuel efficiency is easily viewed. With AVEC’s reduced weight and high-torque band, coupled with the fact that they are the smallest engine in any engine class, their application in the marine sector becomes very compelling. Aircraft are where Axial’s engines derive their history. In WWII, aircraft and torpedos were designed with similar linear propulsion systems. Since those developments, the technology has come a long way. The GAS CAM engine developed by AVEC was originally licensed by the FAA in 1952 and this engine has already been mounted on a Piper aircraft. The result allowed the aircraft to take off using half the runway length and climb at twice the rate of its previous conventional engine. Newer engines can still be used in practical and efficient aircraft applications. Please see disclaimer on QualityStocks website:




8/7/2008 9:56:32 PM

Axial Vector Energy Corporation (AXVC.PK) Offers Versatile Technology Applicable to Nearly Any Industry We’ve heard about Axial Vector’s cutting-edge power generation technology, and the application of its advanced engines to everything from boats and cars, to aircraft. The truth is, the possibilities are virtually endless. For instance, the Axial Vector engine is thought to be a sure-fire way of advancing the field of personal watercraft manufacturing. Having fewer components than conventional engines, Axial Vector’s system is far lighter than the competition without sacrificing horsepower. In marine applications, this decreases the overall weight of the vessel, resulting in a higher-powered craft. Jet-ski manufacturers who implement Axial Vector’s engine are sure to gain the upper-hand in their industry. Another possible breakthrough use for AVEC’s technologies is the powering of specialized lifting systems. Whether it be cranes (like the ones you see loading cargo at a seaport), or passenger lifts, Axial Vector is ready to revolutionize lifting. Due to its coreless design, the Axial Vector Genset is the only electric motor on earth that can recover 95 percent of expended energy when run in reverse. What this means is that the power consumed by lifting an object is almost completely returned to the system when setting it down. There really is no end to the areas of industry in which these methods can be applied. Axial Vector has worked tirelessly in developing ways to change the way we consume energy. In today’s world, there is hardly anything more needed than change.Please see disclaimer on QualityStocks website:




8/13/2008 6:01:35 PM

Axial Vector Energy Corp. (AXVC.PK) Engine Technology Holds Multiple Possibilities for Military and Commercial Applications Axial Vector Energy Corporation (OTC: AXVC) is a publicly traded company and global solutions provider engaged in the development and licensing of a revolutionary internal combustion engine and electric power generator technologies that possess great potential in the military, industrial and commercial sectors. Axial Vector and their partners have positioned the company to become an established leader in international engine and energy markets with technologies that produce more efficient, cost effective, environmentally sensitive, and versatile solutions for use in a wide array of important applications that span the globe. The Axial Vector engine is ideal for military applications for a number of reasons which include greater fuel efficiency, smaller size, decreased weight, the presence of fewer operating parts, and an unmatched weight-to-horsepower and weight-to-torque ratio. The military and commercial applications represent a vast near-term market opportunity for the AVEC engine and GENSETS. Currently, the Axial Vector engine is being taken through various tests pertaining to its future use on mobile military platforms and for fulfilling various military propulsion and other needs. Unlike many gasoline-fueled engine technologies, the Axial Vector engine was specifically designed to run efficiently on multiple types of fuels, a rather important benefit to the U.S. military since they have been directed to phase out the use of all gasoline-powered engines within the next few years. The list of fuels the Axial Vector engine can run on include diesel fuel, kerosene, bio-diesels, JP5 and JP8 military fuels, ethanol, and a blend of these fuels. Also available is a special conversion kit for the combustion of natural gas or propane. Additionally, the consumer automobile market offers significant potential for deployment of AVEC engine technologies. Important benefits like improved gasoline mileage and significantly reducing emissions will be compelling reasons for the technologies adoption. The same digital FADEC control system employed in military versions of the engines can be utilized in automotive applications to constantly monitor and maintain optimal engine performance. Versions of the AVEC engine can also be deployed for a variety of consumer and commercial appliance applications such as refrigeration and air conditioning, for which substantial amounts of electric power are currently being used.Please see disclaimer on QualityStocks website:




8/18/2008 6:58:34 PM

Axial Vector Energy Corporation (AXVC.PK)’s Engine for Mining Applications Axial Vector Energy Corporation (”AVEC”), with its advanced engine and generator technologies, has definite market potential over a broad range of industries. We have covered the upside of the Axial Vector engine for efficiently powering vehicles on land, sea, and in the air, but its possible applications extend underground as well. The mining industry can benefit intensely from AVEC’s technologies. The unit is extremely adept at boring tunnels, due to its ability to operate in any position. It can be fitted with complementary scrapping and vacuum mechanisms to create quite the efficient tunneling apparatus. The unit is totally scalable, and thus applicable to boring projects of any size. Whereas mineral exploration has traditionally required the use of large equipment powered by an above-ground source, the AVEC boring unit is a standalone device that can be fitted to drill for just about anything. Of course, AVEC has another technology that is perfect for mining operations in its GENSET power generation units. For instance, these multi-fuel generators can utilize the methane which results from coal mining to power a site, or even pump hazardous water and toxins from a mine. In reality, the uses for Axial Vector’s next-generation combustion engine technologies are virtually endless. The AVEC GENSET is one of the most efficient electric motors ever conceptualized, giving it enormous potential as far as scope is concerned. It all seems to point to one conclusion: The people over at Axial Vector Energy Corporation are on to something.Please see disclaimer on QualityStocks website:




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